CalKIDS | Saving for College and Career Training
Matthew Baker

Many parents know that saving for a child's future education is important, but the finding money to set aside is a challenge that many of us face. This is why the State of CA launched the California Kids Investment and Development Savings Program (CalKIDS), giving children in California a jump start on saving for college or career training.

Through this program, California newborns can receive up to $175 to begin college savings for the future, and current CA students could receive up to $1,500 to help with college or costs associated with career training.

Check out the CalKIDS Website to learn more about the program and check for eligibility.

(When it asks for your student's SSID, you can use THESE INSTRUCTIONS to find that information in the Parent Portal.) 

SARC (School Accountability Report Cards)
Tonya Cottrell
To view your school's SARC click here
What is a SARC? A school accountability report 
card (SARC) is a federal and state required
report card which gives parents and the community
important information about each public school.  
The SARC contains many important facts
about your child's school:
  • Principal Message
  • Information on Parental Involvement
  • Enrollment and Ethnicity
  • Safety Plan
  • Class Sizes
  • School Facilities - Conditions/Improvements
  • Teacher and Staff Information
  • Curriculum and Instructional Materials
  • School Finances
  • Types of Services Funded
  • Teacher & Administrative Salaries