Carr Fire: Information & How You Can Help
Laura Morlan

From Enterprise Elementary School District:

Our thoughts and prayers go out to everyone that has been impacted by the CARR Fire. Please know that Enterprise Elementary School District is here to support you. We want to provide you with some important information to help you plan for the upcoming school year.

Our school offices are open and ready to answer any of your questions. We are here to serve all students.

The first day of school is Wednesday, August 15. Our schools are ready to serve students and we assure families we are here to provide a safe, caring, supportive learning environment.

We will continue to post resources on our EESD webpage to help families during this difficult time. Shasta County Office of Education also has resources posted on their webpage.   Please contact your school if you have specific questions about attendance or enrolling new students.

We have received several questions about how you can help. Shasta County Office of Education has created a Go Fund Me Account set up to support families. You can access the Go Fund Me Account on the EESD Website. Funds will be used for helping with school clothes and school supplies for students from preschool through high school who have lost their homes

Thank you first responders and firefighters. We are #ReddingStrong and we will come together to care for each other during these difficult times. Enterprise Elementary School District is here to serve you.

How you can contribute....

  • Go Fund Me - Students

    • Funds will be used for students from preschool through high school across the county who have lost their homes for helping with school clothes and school supplies.

Links for Fire Recovery Resources:

The City of Redding and County of Shasta have partnered to develop a web page dedicated to the Carr Fire recovery:

Please see the following articles for tips and resources for coping and talking with children during this time: 

"Healing from Carr: Tips and Resources for Families Coping After the Wildfire Disaster"

"Tips for Survivors of a Disaster or Other Traumatic Event: Managing Stress" 

"Parent Guidelines for Helping Children Impacted by Wildfires"

"Talking to Children About Tragedies" 

"Easing Children's Fears While Fires Rage"


We will update this post as more resources and information are added. 




Spelling Bee
Adrienne Yanke

Congratulations are in order for all of our Spelling Bee contestants! Our 4th-9th graders all participated in classroom Spelling Bees, narrowing down to around a dozen that participated in our PACE Academy Spelling Bee. From there our top two from 4th-6th grade and our top two from 7th-9th grade competed in the Shasta County Spelling Bee at Millville Elementary this week!

Ethan Gorham and Jordan Ferreria represented PACE Academy for the younger students, and did great! They both made it through the third round. This was both of their first times representing PACE at the county level. Great job, boys!

Savion Wilson and Jordan Courtright represented PACE Academy for the older Spelling Bee. Savion spelled very well, progressing into the top half of participants. Competition was fierce, and our students did not disappoint! This was also Savion's first time representing PACE Academy.

Jordan was our only veteran from PACE. After participating last year and getting through a few rounds, Jordan was motivated this year. He has been studying hard for months, and it paid off! Jordan placed third in the Shasta County Spelling Bee, just shy of qualifying for State. He did a great job! Once it was down to the top three, these spellers went round after round without error.

What an amazing opportunity for all of our students, from the classroom level to our County-wide participants!

Congratulations. C-O-N-G-R-A-T-U-L-A-T-I-O-N-S. Congratulations!

Flexible Seating at PACE Academy
Adrienne Yanke

In Mrs. Murray's kindergarten and first grade class we are now working with a variety of differentiated seating. Each day as the students come in, they recite the goal they are working on for the week, and then they have the opportunity to pick out which seat they would like to use for the day. Currently we use six different seating options: stools, yoga ball chairs, wobble chairs, a spiky tactile seat cushion, scoop chairs, and regular chairs. These options provide the students with something other than the traditional chair and allows them the opportunity to wiggle, bounce, or move in whatever way helps them to focus while they are doing their work! 

In Mrs. Richardson's second and third grade room, we also utilize flexible seating options throughout the day. From yoga balls to seat cushions, students are provided the opportunity of a differentiated seating choice in addition to their normal chairs used throughout the day. All students utilize our lowered table for centers, which provides them the opportunity to sit on the floor and have a break from a typical desk. We have found the flexible seating to greatly improve focus in the classroom!