Firefighters Visit PACE Academy
Posted On:
Friday, February 03, 2017
Students Interest Piqued

Two firefighters came to the PACE Academy campus to share their experiences in their firefighting careers. Josh and Mike Wilson, father and son, are both firefighters, but shared their unique perspectives and experiences – Josh with his forest fire fighting career and Mike’s career as the Fire Chief – with very attentive and inquisitive students.

Josh talked about his experiences repelling into forest fires. He brought videos and pictures of fires he helped to extinguish. Mike brought his uniform, memorabilia, and pictures sharing his vast experience in fighting building fires.

This presentation was the first in a series of career presentations as PACE Academy embarks on a Career Exploration Research Project - a three-week unit where students are given the tools to investigate three different career fields. Then, students explain, in essay form, a description of each career, the experience and education needed for the position, any exams or certifications required, anticipated compensation and benefits, and mobility opportunities. They use this information to then pick one career they're especially interested in so they can interview someone in that field to gain even more insight to the position. Students create resumes with attached cover letters and obtain letters of recommendation from adults in their community to testify for their actions in academics, behavior, and/or citizenship. The entire project is printed and collected in a portfolio that they can take off the bookshelf in few years when they apply for their first "real" job. 


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